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You Could Know Syringe Pad Printing Machine’s Capabilities

The Syringe Pad Printing Machine is incredibly versatile because the equipment can print on nearly any substrate quickly. Pad printing equipment is not included with ink and there is not one ink that is necessarily used in a pad printer. A wide variety of inks exist for the sole purpose of adhesion to substrates, abrasion resistance, and opacity. Choosing the right ink is critical in the printing process. Pad printing is generally a quick process. One complete print cycle takes only seconds (depending upon the number of colors) and can often print upwards of 1000 parts per hour.

Pad printing equipment is generally available in one or two colors, four to six color pad printing equipment is available yet not as common. Pad printing machines are available with specialty loading/unloading arrangements such as over/under and linear conveyor systems. The typical image diameter of a pad printer is 90 mm and 150 mm.