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What Is The Hot Heading Machine?

The hot heading machine produce screws, semi-tubular and fully tubular rivets, bolts, special fasteners, and parts with very complex shapes starting from drawn wire in coils. The 2-die, 4-blow machines are particularly suitable for components whose heads have a very large volume or components where two dies are sufficient, but at least three blows are needed, such as Allen screws or trimmed components. An advantage of these machines is the third blow can often be used as an introductory punch if parts with large heads and a short shank have to be transferred.

The motorized model 248 E 2-die, 4-punch heading machine is complete with an electro-pneumatic clutch that allows maximum heading force to be applied even when jogging.

This machine has been specially developed to minimize changeover times. Its technology and speed allows it to run large volumes and small batches profitably.

An optional quick change kit includes: punch block unit, transfer unit, cutter holder unit, cutter centering jig, punch centering jig, and transfer centering jig.

The header can be equipped with a pre-heating system to handle titanium and super alloys that cannot be formed with the cold heading system. Customers can decide to install the heating system with coil housed on the die holder, or the resin-bonded inductor positioned into the bedframe, or both kinds for special production needs.