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The Process of Double-speed Syringe Production Line

In many cases, we can judge the actual situation and make decisions based on some circumstances. For example, there is a very interesting phenomenon in the origin and characteristics of my country's conveyor belts, which is the use of mesh belt conveyors according to different types of new conditions.

  Mesh belt conveyor on Syringe Production Line is mainly used for multi-layer conveying and drying of materials. As the carrier, the stainless steel mesh belt is suitable for drying, dehumidification, freezing, heat treatment and other processes in various food industries. The mesh belt of the mesh belt conveyor is made of stainless steel, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and easy cleaning. Mesh belt conveyors are widely used in the transportation of beverage bottles, aluminum cans, medicines, cosmetics, food and other industries. By choosing different mesh belts, it can be made into special equipment such as bottling platforms, elevators, sterilizers, vegetable washing machines, bottle coolers, meat and food transportation, etc., taking into account the tension limit of the mesh belt, the length of a single line generally does not exceed 20 Meter. There are various structural forms, such as horizontal and straight transportation, promotion of rock climbing transportation, and turning transportation. The conveyor belt can also be equipped with accessories such as booster baffle and side baffle to meet various process requirements.

  The double-speed chain conveyor adopts the standard upper plate chain as the bearing surface, and the motor reducer as the power drive, running on the special guide rail. According to the process characteristics, the top chain is divided into two types: turning type and linear type. The chain plate conveyor adopts a series of strips fixed on the traction chain to transport materials along the horizontal or inclined direction of the conveyor. A piece of steel plate is hinged into an endless belt, which serves as a bearing surface for the traction and bearing parts of the conveyor. The bearing surface of the conveyor belt is provided with a transverse partition in the tank to drive the endless belt to scrape coal by using a separator. The chain conveyor is composed of a drive mechanism, a tension device, a traction chain, a slat, a drive replacement sprocket, a frame, etc. It is widely used in the industrial sectors of the national economy such as metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, electric power, and machinery manufacturing.

The similarity between the mesh belt conveyor and the chain conveyor is the material conveying machinery, which can form a material conveying flow from the initial feeding point to the unloading point on a certain conveyor line, which has broad application prospects .