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Roll Printing Machine Could Be a Good Product

No matter which product is good or bad, different products have different price/performance ratios. The roller printing machine is no exception, and it is best for you. There are many people who will pursue brand, price and service blindly. It seems that this is the best. In fact, only the products that suit their needs can be selected to get the best results.

Contrary to the domestic machine, the advantage of the roll printing machine is the shortcoming of our domestic machine, and the shortcoming of the domestic machine naturally becomes the advantage of the imported machine. For example, an advertiser in Nanjing introduced two Epson clothing printing machines. Compared with the domestic printing machines that were purchased before, the output of Epson printing machines was even larger than that of the five roller hot presses, and the picture quality was higher. It is not that the speed of the domestic drum hot press is not fast, but because the stability of the domestic machine has been reduced a lot after using it for a period of time, the accuracy of the screen is not clear, which seriously affects the expansion of the business. In fact, imported machines have always been known for their high price, stable and reliable quality, and are favored by many powerful entrepreneurs. An imported inkjet printing machine generally costs about 100,000 yuan, while domestically produced as long as tens of thousands or even thousands of yuan, such a large price difference will determine their life, inkjet quality and after-sales service. Larger difference.

1. Printing speed. Printing speed is not only important for garment printing machines, but other printers are also very important.

2. Printing accuracy. This accuracy can also be measured by resolution, with high resolution and high precision, and the printed image is clearer.

3. Clothing printing machine supplies. Consumables include ink and printing paper. Not all consumables are used in any roller hot press. If you need a heat transfer machine to use consumables, you should pay attention to this detail.

4. Operating system. Also look at this when purchasing a roller heat press.

5. Value for money. In the drum heat press, many brands are also fighting price wars, but the lower the price, the better. It should be combined with performance considerations, comprehensive machine life, stability, printed picture quality, etc., cost-effective, of course, but good Also choose to combine with your own actual situation to buy.