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How to Operate Syringe Production Line?

  1. Brief operation of automatic assembly line electrical appliances:

The power supply of the Syringe Production Line equipment needs three-phase four-wire, and a master switch is installed outside. (Three-phase four-wire four-pole switch can be used, or the switch can only control the three-phase power supply. The neutral line is direct. Be careful not to connect the second method The neutral line also passes through another switch). The N of the distribution box is connected to the neutral line, A, B, and C are connected to the three-phase power supply, U, V, W are connected to the motor, 3, 4 are connected to the F1, F2 of the speed control motor. 5, 6, 7 are connected to the speed control motor The u, v, w.

  1. The method of starting the motor in the automated assembly line:

Turn on the power first. At this time, all three power indicator lights will be on, which proves that the three-phase power supply has arrived at the distribution box. At this time, you can press the blue button on the motor to start the motor. If it cannot be started, you can open the door of the distribution box and check whether the second DZ108 switch in the first row is red long and blue short. If it is not for this blue one, it will be fine. After the motor is started, turn on the switch of the assembly line speed controller, and then slowly adjust the potentiometer of the speed controller upward to make the speed expressed to the desired speed. When shutting down, first slowly adjust the potentiometer of the speedometer to zero, then turn off the switch of the speedometer, and then press the red button of the electric machine to stop the motor. Finally, turn off the main switch.

  1. The automatic assembly line equipment fluorescent lamp starts:

Click the illuminated blue button to start the fluorescent lamp, and then click the red illuminated red button to stop the fluorescent lamp. If the fluorescent lamp does not light up, please check whether the flat switch on the fluorescent lamp bracket is turned on and is in the 1 position. Finally, check whether the third and fourth DZ47 in the first row is in the open position.