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Benefits of Using Syringe Machine

While some may be dismayed at the idea of a syringe machine that dispenses clean needles, proponents of harm reduction point out all the benefits that are availed of users and the community as well:

Clean needles help to cut down on rates of people who share needles and reduce the risk of contracting diseases like HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C.

Needles that are dulled due to repeat use even by the same user can contribute to infections and abscesses at the injection site. These can cause fatal or near-fatal injury. Issues can be prevented by using new needles every time.

Even an accidental stick from a needle can expose the unsuspecting person to drugs, disease, and infection. Having safe disposal containers in the kits and disposal boxes next to the vending machines will increase the safety of the community.

After registering and getting a swipe card, users of the vending machines no longer need to make personal contact with someone in order to get the lifesaving needles, and they do not have to make sure that they remember to appear at a certain time on certain dates in order to make the exchange. This may increase the use of these harm reduction devices and save lives, limit disease transmission, and decrease the rate of accidental sticks among first responders, sanitary workers, and kids in parks.